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Dr. Brian Harris is a 2005 graduate of the University of the Pacific school of dentistry. He owns and operates 3 Harris Dental locations in Arizona. He is the co-founder of OnCall Dental Urgent Care, a new concept in dentistry that now has more than 30 locations nationwide. Dr. Harris was voted AZfoothills Best Cosmetic Dentist in Scottsdale in 2014, 2017 and Phoenix Magazine Top Cosmetic Dentist the last 8 years in a row. He lectures worldwide on several topics including patient communication, cosmetic dentistry, marketing and CAD/CAM dentistry.




Are any of your teeth chipped, discolored, misshapen, cracked or crooked? Do you have gaps between teeth that are keeping you from having the smile you want? Does a problem in the appearance of your smile make you feel self-conscious or discouraged? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then we have great options that can help you get the smile you desire.

Often, strong but worn-out teeth just need a “facelift.” That’s where Dental Veneers come in. Like veneers on countertops and fine furniture, dental veneers provide a bright, flawless covering over discolored or damaged teeth. These custom-made porcelain veneers are durable, natural-looking, and enhance both the appearance and functionality of your teeth. Best of all, they give back the confidence and self assurance that comes with a bright, healthy smile.


No Prep Veneers

In keeping with Dr. Brian’s tradition of providing cutting edge dental treatments to his patients, he is certified in a new dental veneer procedure that can help you get the beautiful smile you have always wanted. This great new type of porcelain veneer is called DURAthin.

DURAThin dental veneers are special, very thin pieces of porcelain designed to adhere to your teeth without having to remove tooth enamel for placement. This means that he can help you design the beautiful smile of your dreams with no discomfort and no need to alter your natural teeth!

DURAthin dental veneers are handcrafted for Dr. Brian by a world-class porcelain artisan so that they will match and enhance the quality of your teeth and your smile. Each DURAthin porcelain veneer is made to replicate precisely the nuances, colors and contours of natural teeth. Once your new DURAthin dental veneers have been made, Dr. Brian will carefully bond them to your teeth, effectively beautifying your smile.



A gifted few are born with perfectly straight teeth. For the rest of us, there’s the option of bright and shiny braces, and the years of discomfort that comes with them.

Or, there’s Invisalign—the advanced way to get a Hollywood smile, without the brackets, wires, soreness and indignity of traditional braces.

Invisalign are invisible braces made of a durable, clear plastic. After computerized three-dimensional analysis, custom aligners are periodically fitted to your teeth to gradually bring them into proper position. They are more comfortable than traditional braces and—as the name implies—almost invisible. And, while they are intended to be worn continually throughout the day and night, they can be popped-out for meals, family photos, and first dates.

If you long for a straight and perfect smile but cannot bear the thought of rubber bands and headgear, you need to talk to Dr. Brian about Invisalign clear braces, today.


CEREC Crowns

Dr. Brian Harris is a CEREC expert and is a certified CEREC basic and advanced in office trainer.

In the past, restoring a tooth with a crown was a tedious procedure requiring more than one visit to the dentist. Today, Dr. Brian Harris has left the past behind. He provides CEREC Omnicam technology—the latest in crown making know-how. CEREC uses a strong, tooth-colored porcelain to create each crown or bridge. And best of all, these crowns, bridges and veneers can be crafted in his office in as little as 90 minutes.

If you’ve ever considered restoring your bite or your smile with crowns or veneers, but had only old-fashion caps and crowns in mind, it’s time to reconsider. Dr. Brian can deliver that new smile in less time, with more beautiful results than you can imagine.

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When Dr. Harris is not creating smiles or on stage at an event you will find him at soccer games, football games, dance competitions or traveling the world. He truly lives by his motto of “LOVE YOUR WORK. LIVE YOUR LIFE”

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