My Focus

I truly believe in helping people build confidence. My main goal is to help every person obtain exactly what they want and need while simplifying an otherwise complicated and time-consuming process.I simplify the process by creating full transparency on the front end and helping patients know their options, the cost, and all other details at no cost from the comfort of their own homes before they ever meet me in person. No matter the oral concerns you bring to my attention, I am here to help serve anyone who comes through my door.

Professional & Personal

Dr. Brian Harris is recognized as one of the nations top cosmetic dentists. His process and unique approach to cosmetic dentistry is the reason why so many of his patients come from out of state to see him for their smile transformations. He has been featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine, New Beauty,, Allure, Health Magazine, Modern Day Living, Oprah Magazine, USA Today, Newsweek, INC Magazine various other publications. He is known as The Virtual Dentist and a pioneer in tele-dentistry after his creation of He is also the creator of one of the only brands created by a dentist in the oral care space and known for its natural ingredients and uniquely modern look. Dr. Harris and his wife Maury have been married for 22 years and have four children. Dr. Harris along with his Dad and brothers created the Harris Dental brand in Phoenix, AZ which has been providing quality dental care and cosmetic dentistry since 1979.

My family

I have been married to my wife Maury for 22 years and we have four children Connor, Cash, Posey and Lou.

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