My Process

Step 1: Smile Virtual Consult:

After many years of doing smile consults in my office, I realized that everyone wanted to know the same three things:

1. What are my options?

2. How much is it going to cost?

3. Can I trust you to do the work?

I also realized that I could help them get their questions answered for FREE before they ever stepped foot into my practice by offering recorded video consults. A virtual consult allows you to upload a smile photo and tell me what you are looking to change about your smile. I will then take the time to record a video for you that answers all of those questions, and you can decide if the timing is right for your transformation.

Step 2: Smile Test Drive

Transforming your smile is something you will want to do once and do it right. If you are ready for your own transformation, the Smile Test Drive process will help you see what is possible and decide how many teeth you want to do. I developed this process so my patients could get a preview of their new smile and wear it around for the day. It will allow you to move forward with total confidence in the process, and it’s a great way to “Try it before you buy it.”
(For all out of state patients, the Smile Test Drive appointment and the temporary smile appointment are combined)

Step 3: The Temporary Smile

During this appointment, I will shape your natural teeth so that the porcelain veneers can fit over them. The goal is to remove as little enamel as possible but remove enough to get the perfect smile. Once the shaping is done, molds are taken, and the temporary veneers are placed in the mouth. You will wear these for one week to make sure you love the size and shape of the new smile.

Step 4: The Final Product

One week after your temporary smile, you will return to have the final veneers placed. At this time, the temporary veneers will be removed and the porcelain veneers will be bonded in place, completing the smile transformation. There should be no surprises at this appointment, and you should get exactly what you were expecting in the end. There is an enormous amount of trust involved in this process, and it is our job to make sure you are in love with your new smile.

The Smile Shape Procedure

The Smile Shape procedure was designed by me for the millions of people out there that are generally happy with their teeth but want their smile to look its best without going through the porcelain veneer process. It is a combination of enamel shaping, teeth whitening, and gum shaping to create the best smile possible working with your own natural teeth.


I truly believe in helping people build confidence. It is my mission and calling. While working towards giving you a smile you can feel confident having, I hope to always make my patients feel welcome and comfortable. My main goal is to help every person obtain exactly what they want and need while simplifying an otherwise complicated and time-consuming process.

I simplify the process by creating full transparency on the front end and helping patients know their options, the cost, and all other details at no cost from the comfort of their own homes before they ever meet me in person. No matter the oral concerns you bring to my attention, I am here to help serve anyone who comes through my door.

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